Recommendation As a Service

Rcmmndr is a hosted, recommendation engine that is real-time, scalable and managed. You can signup for an account, checkout the samples in various frameworks and integrate a recommender system to your app or website for free!

Easy to Use

Rcmmndr has a clean restful, JSON API. That is the only integration you will ever need to make. You dont need to spend time to figure out recommender systems details.

On the Cloud

Do not worry about servers, daemons, scaling or monitoring. Rcmmndr is already out there and it just works.

Analytics and Finetuning

Our analytics dashboard will give you insights about the recommendations, you can decide to change the default algorithms and finetune the system as you wish.

Get started for Free!

You can signup for a free account and start making recommendations to your users for free.You can store up to 20.000 items in the free plan.


Recommend anything to anyone

Rcmmndr is a collaborative filtering solution, you can recommend books, movies, films to your users or even other users to follow in social networks.

Language Agnostic


Running on Amazon Web Services
Available on Heroku
Rcmmndr is currently on Public Beta on Heroku, if you are interested in testing it out extensively, contact us on twitter and we can upgrade you to any plan.